Megumi Says All’s Well

Actress Okina Megumi (photo, 25) has denied rumors of a split with her new husband. She married Fujita Susumu (32), the president of IT company Cyber Agent, last year but there have been media rumors that the marriage may be on the rocks already. Appearing at a PR event for visiting Taiwanese theatre group, she said their relationship is just fine.

• The modest movie “Mura no Shashinshu” (Village Photo Album) and its lead actor Fuji Tatsuya (63) have taken the major awards at the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival. Directed by Mihara Mitsuhiro (41), the movie tells of a mountain village which is to be lost as part of a dam project, a story familiar to many in China.

• This is the time of year when companies nationwide hold their annual shareholder meetings. And showbusiness is no exception. Hori Pro, one of the biggest talent agencies, held its meeting yesterday in Tokyo. It was followed by an event hosted by comedy duo Summers and talento Hirayama Aya (21), attended by about a quarter of the over 4,000 shareholders together with family and friends.

• Oricon is the first music business-related company in Japan to offer free access to blogs written by famous stars and industry insiders. The new service is launched today: Oricon Blog site