A Little Early

Kick The Can Crew member Little (photo, 29) is surprisingly releasing his debut solo album a week ahead of schedule. It’s surprising because all three singles he has released since the hip hop unit decided to take an extended break last June have come out about a month late. He’s been working late nights in the studio to get the album out early, as the group only wanted the break to last a year. Little will support the new album with 4 live shows across the country in July.

SMAP members Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (30) and Katori Shingo (28) are to be the main presenters of this year’s 28th 24-hour TV marathon on TV Asahi. The show will air from the evening of August 28. It’s their first time for SMAP members to take part since 1995. Katori has designed the official logo t-shirts for the show.

• Comedy duo Cream Stew are to appear in TV commercials for the upcoming release of the remake of the Disney classic “The Love Bug” about a Volkswagen Beetle with a life of its own. The new version, “Herbie,” is scheduled for release on July 30. The original was the biggest US box-office money maker in 1969.