Daily Archives: July 31, 2004

Kosakai Recovering from Cancer

Popular entertainer Kosaki Kazuki (48) is currently recovering at his Tokyo home following surgery for cancer. It was announced a few days ago that he would be stepping down temporarily from his regular afternoon show “Gokigenyo” but the reason was only made clear yesterday. A tumour was removed from his neck and was found to be malignant. The always bouncy Kosakai anoounced that he plans to return to work by September.

• Rock group Glay played to fans at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka last night, the prelude to their main show tonight with an expected attendance of 100,000! The band from Hokkaido are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with Glay Expo 2004, after having been a bit quiet in the last couple of years. The project was two years in planning and cost ¥2 billion. Glay like to put on a big show – they played a venue in Tokyo in 1999 that pulled in 200,000 fans.