Speed Divorce for Shido, Yuko

Kabuki actor Nakamura Shido really does seem to be messing his life up. And it looks as though his beautiful wife of less than a year and a half has had enough. The last few months have seen Nakamura (34) involved in a drunk driving incident and a series of alleged affairs. At a time when his stage and screen career are about to take off, it looks like the one taking off is actress Takeuchi Yuko (26). They are already separated and have started discussing a divorce settlement. Their marriage in June 2005 made them one of showbiz’s big couples, though the fact that Takeuchi was pregnant at the time was a warning sign. She gave birth to a son last November and the rumors of her husband’s philandering started soon after. According to sources, Takeuchi filed for divorce through her lawyer at the beginning of October. It seems that she and her son have basically been living at her management office since the time of Nakamura’s drunk driving incident in July. At the time, young actress Okamoto Aya (23) was in the car with him. He made very public apologies but was soon seen out on the town with stage co-star Takaoka Saki (33).