Shinsuke’s Troubles Not Over

The female Yoshimoto Kogyo employee who was assaulted by comedian Shimada Shinsuke back in 2004 has taken both him and the company to court again. The case nearly ended the career of one of Japan’s biggest stars and he gave a tearful apology on live TV, even offering to retire if that was what she wanted. She later said that was exactly what she wanted, but Shinsuke has been as busy as ever on the variety show circuit. The woman took the matter to the Osaka Summary Court and was awarded ¥300,000 last December. She is said to have been suffering PTSD and was receiving regular medical attention. She now says she was fired by the major talent agency in June and has sued for ¥44 million in compensation.

• The recent TBS broadcast of Kameda Koki’s successful bid for the WBA light flyweight crown scored a huge 42.4% average audience rating, peaking at 52.9%. It’s the highest figure for a boxing program since Gushiken Youkou defended his world crown in 1978. The highly touted Kameda, eldest of three boxing brothers, wasn’t as impressive as many had expected and the fight went to a decision. TBS received many complaints from viewers, some saying the decision was questionable, others unhappy about the length of the pre-fight program.

• Freelance announcer Ariga Satsuki (40) faces prosecution after causing a traffic accident in central Tokyo, it was revealed yesterday. On July 26, the car she was driving collided with a light motor vehicle, causing minor injuries to the driver. According to police, her foot slipped off the brake when she tried to retrieve something in the car as she approached a traffic signal.

• Actress Okazaki Yuki (53) announced on her website this week that she recently divorced after 20 years of marriage. She wed Morita Akio, son of the former Sony chairman, in 1978 and they divorced in 1981. She married musician Iwakura Kenji in 1986.