Mori Shinichi, Masako to Divorce?

Enka singers Mori Shinichi (57) and his wife Masako (46) have separated after 19 years of marriage. Masako issued a statement in which she said they had grown apart and lost their sense of trust in one another. She was rushed to hospital at the beginning of February and resolved to leave her husband shortly afterwards. She took their 11-year old son with her when she returned to her parents’ Setagaya home on March 13. Meanwhile her husband has checked into a Tokyo hospital after developing complications with his hepatitis, which he has lived with for the last 20 years. The couple, among the biggest names in enka, have been giving stage shows together for the last three years, despite the fact that they originally contracted to do it for a year. The workload and stress of constant performing is said to have been the reason for Masako’s deteriorating health.

• French beauty Sophie Marceau (38) is in town to promote her role as the new image character for cosmetic brand Socié World, which celebrates its 45th anniversary next month. A new TV commercial featuring the actress and mother of two will air from April 17.