Why Slot Machines Feature Fruits, and What Do They Mean?

March 20, 2023

While in Japan pachinko still rules in terms of popularity, its western cousin the slot machine remains a firm favourite. From the original slot machine found in pubs to modern slot machines found on our phones and computers, one thing has remained a common staple for decades - fruits. Whether it's cherries, oranges or watermelons the presence of these symbols can be traced back to the late 19th century.

But why do fruit slots feature these images? What was the purpose behind using them so prominently in over 120 years of gaming history? It is interesting to learn about the history of how different fruit slot machines games of chance were created. In this post, let's explore why many online casinos slots feature fruit symbols and what those could actually mean.

As well as Lucky 7's,
        fruit symbols like oranges and cherries are a staple of slot machines worldwide.

As well as Lucky 7's, fruit symbols like oranges and cherries are a staple of slot machines worldwide.

History Behind Fruit Symbols in Slot Machines

Although the concept of marking a slot machine with colourful fruit symbols may seem arbitrary, it has deep roots in the early machine game industry. Such game machines have existed for centuries and at one time, it was illegal in most places around the world to gamble. As such, vendors had to be creative when producing cash paying slot machines, and many were made to look like traditional merchandise such as chewing gum or soft drinks.

With this in mind, the obvious gamification of these products brought about the use of matching fruit symbols where one could claim $300 no deposit signup bonus and still mask their true purpose. In the earliest days, other symbols appeared on fruit slots:

  • Bars
  • Horseshoes
  • Stars
  • Liberty bells

Flash forward several decades later and we find ourselves with familiar icons like fruits plastered all over slots casino games. Fruit machine symbols can represent wins on fruit slots by multiplying a coin win using the random number generator. So long as matching combos from left to right appear on an active payline.

The bonus rounds found within some fruit online slots are just more pronounced manifestations of this theme. Hence, players tend to associate those fruit slots wins with large economic values. Its meaning hints at plenty of cash rolling into their pockets! Some popular fruit symbols found in classic fruit machines slots are:

  • Oranges
  • Cherries
  • Lemons
  • Apples
  • Watermelons

These colorful fruit flavored symbols continue to bring joy and good luck to many online slots casino players. No matter what traditional or modern fruit slots they take a spin on!

Reasons Behind Slot Machines Fruity Symbols

The bright and colourful sticky wild symbols commonly seen on slots machines, particularly fruit slots, may appear to be random but they have an interesting background. It all started in the late 1900s when Charles Fey invented the iconic Liberty Bell Slot Machine. It had with five reels, bearing images of horseshoes, spades, diamonds, hearts and of course the bell. However, due to anti-gambling laws prevalent at that time in San Francisco only buying or selling slots machines or gambling with them was illegal.

To circumvent this law, Charles Fey came up with a cunning plan to remove the inanimate symbols of luck from his slot game machine. He replaced them with symbols of food items like fruits, such as cherries, melons and lemons. People no longer felt as if they were taking part in a game of chance since it looked more like an innocent purchase from the grocer. Thus Charles Fey remained ahead of the authorities while keeping what is now considered a major component in a modern slot machine, fruity symbols!

Types of Slot Machines and Their Fruity Symbols

Slot machines are a popular form of gambling that can be found in both online and land-based casinos. Slots come in a wide variety of forms, each with its own set of rules and features. They have various themes and graphics that can make playing even more enjoyable. Slots usually have five reels with a variety of paylines ranging from one to several hundred. Let's talk about some of them in more detail.

The Fruit Slots

The fruit slot machine was developed as a creative solution to an issue in 1902. The slot machine industry, which had been popular but illegal due to cash payouts, found a way around the restrictions. The manufacturers changed the prizes from cash awards to fruit-flavoured bubblegum and sweets. As such, the symbols on these machines needed to reflect this change and went from suits, horseshoes and liberty bells to various fruit symbols.

Players who managed to get three matching fruits on the payline were given prizes of bubblegum or sweets that matched the flavour of their symbols. All except for cherries, which offered a prize regardless of whether one, two or three appeared on the payline. The cherry symbol remains in use today and is widely recognised, having become a staple in many books, movies and online games that feature slot machines.

The Money Honey

The money honey was one of the earlier mechanical slot machines to be converted into an electromechanical system. It was much more capable than its earlier counterparts. The multiple coin multiplier system allowed for up to three or five coins to be inserted, increasing winnings.

In addition, it came with a bottomless hopper feature, where possible payouts could range all the way up to 500 coins. The symbols typically associated with this machine included the usual fruits and bells. It had some new additions such as bally's logo stars and a money honey girl icon.

In terms of payouts, three of the bally logo symbols provided 150 coins, while those lucky enough to receive three fruit symbols with bonus stars received 100 coins each.

The Video Slot Machine

The video slot is one of the most popular slot machines in the casino industry. The classic physical machine was the first variation of video slots, whereby players pull a lever to get symbols spinning reels on the screen. The original game featured standard fruits as symbols:

  • Bananas
  • Plums
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Cherries

In modern times, however, these fruity symbols have been replaced with exciting images that relate to the theme of each game for example in the poker machine they have cards. Also, themes range from popular movies to holiday seasons. As for the actual gameplay itself, video slot machines are operated by pressing a button or socializing with other players nearby.

Each line corresponds to a single symbol combination and allows gamblers to activate up to 243 different winning combinations! Some games even feature a mini level-based bonus round which is triggered when certain combinations occur after every spin. Many versions of fruit slots also include bonuses like wilds and free spins which can add extra credits to your large jackpots winnings at no extra cost. The video slot machine offers an action-packed fun gaming experience for everyone!

The Bottom Line

Fruit symbols have been part of the slots industry for well over a century. From Charles Fey's liberty bell machines to modern video slot games, slots have remained a constant reminder of how this sector has evolved over time. In many ways, these symbols are some of the most iconic images associated with gambling.

It is no surprise that fruit machines can be found in many online casinos across the world. While fruit slots meanings may vary from game to game, one thing remains true; they bring joy and great luck to those who play them! So don't forget next time you see one of these fruity symbols on your favourite slots. Take a chance and try your luck at winning big!

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