Why Japan Keeps Inspiring the Gaming Industry

May 2021

Slot machines have been around for decades, but they still manage to entertain millions of people. Although we see a varied bunch of slots worldwide that are incredibly popular, it does take some more effort to keep players entertained than it did years ago. The online gaming industry is adding themes, features, and new specs every day to stand out. But, where do they get their inspiration from? Well, one thing is for sure: Japan is on their list!

Japan is renowned for its innovative solutions and one of the world's leaders in technology. With robots serving breakfast in hotels and the constant developments in mobile technology and electronics, Japan has high technical expertise. This alone already triggers some major game developers and leading online casinos.

The Geisha Wonders slot game is hugely popular worldwide.

The Geisha Wonders slot game is hugely popular worldwide.

Inspiration on many different levels

"When working in gaming, Japan is a keyword," explains Wim de Vries, website manager of No Account Casinos with extensive experience in the gaming industry. "Japan has a certain mystery around it and although the country doesn't allow online gambling, it's still a great inspiration on many levels."

According to De Vries, it's not strange that Japan has become such a huge inspiration since technology plays a big part in the development of the gaming industry. "To compete these days, you constantly have to be on the ball. You can't miss out on a new innovation or idea to better your products. Unibet for example has special scouts to spot new opportunities to use. If you wonder which other online casinos than Unibet do you have, I can easily come up with ten online casinos that focus on the Japanese market for inspiration."

Japanese details can be found everywhere

Although Japan's expertise in technology inspires many people, it's not only this aspect of the country that triggers worldwide interest. "It's Japan in general: if we look at the best online casinos in Holland, the Japanese traditions, the culture and the aspects of gaming in the culture is a huge factor... To many people, especially West Europeans, this has a certain mysterious vibe that can be quite inspiring."

This is exactly the reason why Japan has always been a factor in every industry. "We're not only talking about gaming but about everything", De Vries adds. "Japanse styles can be found in our clothes, interiors, parties, and in designing. It seems the country has become the figurehead of Asia to many people."

'Keep broadening your horizon'

De Vries emphasizes that this is understandable, but can also be counterproductive. "Especially in industries that involve technical specs and innovation, we shouldn't focus unduly on Japan. There must be an added value, in that using Japan as inspiration and innovation is also about reaching further and opening new doors."

Are you a great fan of Japanese theme slots? Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

Geisha Wonders

A perfect example of how many people see Japan: a serene environment with therapeutical gardens accompanied by the sounds of birds. The design is rather simple, but breaths a Japanese vibe. The symbols, as well as the design, sounds, and background, are inspired by Japanese geisha. This game is hugely popular worldwide.

Koi Princess

This slot machine is of a different caliber than Geisha Wonders and seems to be inspired by the more modern look of Japan. Colorful images of princesses, geishas, and other Japanese theme symbols like lanterns and cats create the decor of this game. It's fast, bright, and exciting to look at and to play.

Hey Sushi

While many slot machines base their entire game around a theme, Hey Sushi just uses certain inspirational elements of the Japan theme. The actual theme of this slot is food: a sushi bar that's open 24/7 and needs to keep serving food. Although you might not see this as a real Japan theme, many details are inspired by Japanese styles and aspects and add a funny and interesting element to the slot machine.

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