How Japanese Culture Influenced Online Casino Games

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Japanese culture”? Japan’s culture is many millennia old and has influenced the evolution of many other cultures and inspired artists, innovators and trend setters worldwide. Known for its many technological advancements, innovation and creativity, Japan and its culture is the stand-out leader among creators and influencers.

Hokusais famous Under the Wave Off Kanagawa

Hokusai's famous "Under the Wave Off Kanagawa"

Pioneers of Entertainment

The Japanese love all forms of entertainment and no one does it bigger or louder than they do! The East Asian country is the origin of many globally known wonders that keep people all around the world stimulated in lots of different ways.

Japan is a creator of quality video games, anime cartoons and artistic content, and it has thus had great influence on global ideas of what constitutes enjoyment. Their anime is a culture in and of itself and boasts a massive global fan base. Not only does Japan create huge volume of original content, but it also influences foreign creators and online software providers.

It is this creative and original thinking that has allowed Japan to often heavily influence other cultures. For instance, Hokusai was a 19th century Japanese woodblock artist who had a strong influence on Van Gogh and other major European artists and whose famous “Wave” image, created nearly two centuries ago, remains a motif in copious titles in the world of iGaming. Furthermore, Japanese hiragana and katakana letters are a prominent feature in any Japanese-inspired online casino game. The elegance and beauty of the Japanese writing system make it a charming and versatile design element.

Masters of Their Own Art

The universe of video slots is ruled by East Asian-inspired symbols and motifs, and those of Japan in particular. The land of legends and mystery has given birth to mythical creatures such as demons and dragons, and it takes great pride in its astonishing historic temples and fragrant cherry trees, elements typically seen in globally popular video slots. You can find the best selection of Japanese-themed slot games listed on Money Slots website, where you will find a wide choice of games on various themes.

Japanese-themed money slot games

A couple of Japanese-themed money slot games

Dreams come true with Japan-themed slot games – you can be an ancient Japanese emperor; or pick one of the hundreds of titles and be joined by a mysterious lady in a kimono, who will keep you company; or fulfil your childhood fantasy and become a skilled samurai who bravely and honourably defends his country. Whatever your heart’s desire, you can dive right in at Asian-oriented gaming sites packed with the magical portfolio of incredible Japan-inspired video slots.

Entertainment in Japan is not always about the casino-centered, adrenaline-filled edge, and in the sheer spirit of having fun, Japan has created the so-called “pachinko”, which is a hybrid of a slot machine and pinball, an incredibly popular recreational arcade game machine.

Pachinko parlours can be found all over Japan, in urban and rural areas and usually pretty hard to miss. When life gets boring, everyone heads straight there – young people, adults, both male and female, the elderly – everyone worships pachinko parlours and the Japanese people’s engagement in this kind of entertainment can be described as borderline addictive!

Considering the dedication with which Japan cultivates joy and entertainment, it comes as no surprise to see Japanese footprints in every country all over the world, in all fields and industries.

Much of the credit for the prosperity and novelty in online casino games design must go to The Land of the Rising Sun. New online casino games influenced by the culture are created every day, and each one is more immersive than the last. The relaxing sound of a gong and traditional Japanese music hypnotise you into almost believing you are actually in a temple in Kyoto, for example, and what other reason do you need to play a Japanese-themed slot right now?

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