Yoga of Life: Chill in Shimokitazawa

Yoga of Life

Yoga of Life

Shimokitazawa has become one of the destinations for travelers to Japan who appreciate small shops in alleys rather than mega stores in Shibuya or Shinjuku. The same goes for those foreigners living in Japan for a while; they want to live in Shimokita because of its chilled and laid-back atmosphere where artists, actors, musicians mingle and an alternative life style is accepted.

Yoga of Life in Shimokitazawa offers Kripalu Yoga - yoga of compassion promoting holistic health and whole being. In Kripalu, meditation and breathing technique are integral part of yoga as much as asana (yoga postures). Morning yoga classes at 7:00am on Tuesday and Thursday are opportunity for English speaking population in Shimokitazawa area to experience Kripalu yoga.

Tired of power yoga or hot yoga in Shibuya? Try morning yoga class at Yoga of Life in Shimokitazawa. Promotional fee - 1000 yen, including rental mat till end of July.

Yoga of Life

Yoga of Life studio

Morning Yoga @ Yoga of Life

7:00-8:00 AM every Tuesdays & Thursdays
Led by Eriko Hase (Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher)
Kripalu Yoga class in English. All levels welcome.

Energize, purify, and tone your mind, body & soul. This class includes short meditation, breathing practices, basic vinyasa flow, a few foundational postures, and relaxation to end the class. Bless the fresh start of day with yoga!

FEE: 1,000 yen including rental mat
(Promotional price until end of July)
*You can also use tickets.

Yoga of Life
Address: 2-26-15-3F Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0031