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Japan Store - Direct From Japan, Japan Buyer Service

If you cannot find the exact item you are looking for in the store, don't despair! We can supply any product available online in Japan and ship it to anywhere in the world. And our fees are reasonable and transparent. We charge:

  • The cost of the item (including sales tax)
  • Domestic shipping charge (if applicable)
  • Optional search fee of $20 (this is not charged if you have already found the item available online and send us the URL)
  • Handling fee: the higher of $20 or 15% of the product value
  • International shipping by Japan Post

That's it. You can pay by credit card (via PayPal, we cover the fees) or international bank transfer. You can pay in Japanese yen, US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Euros, or UK sterling. We may accept other currencies but please check with us first.