Daily Archives: December 1, 2007

Lennie Kravitz Lays Down Track for Death Note Spinoff

Matsuyama Kenichi Lenny KravitzThe theme tune for the upcoming “Death Note” spinoff movie is to be provided by none other than U.S. rock legend Lenny Kravitz (43). The new song “I’ll Be Waiting” is from Kravitz’s 8th album “Love Revolution”, due for release in Japan on January 30. It will appear on “L Change the World”, in which Matsuyama Kenichi (22) reprises his role as L from last year’s movie adaptations of the hugely popular manga. Those two films made a combined ¥8 billion at the box office and were a hit across East Asia. They featured songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Producer Sato Takahiro said, “When I heard this song I knew this was the one! And the fact the Lenny’s name starts with L just seemed like fate.” Directed by horror master Nakata Hideo, “L…” is scheduled for theatrical release on February 9.