Daily Archives: February 15, 2007

Gorgeous…and Gone

The “Gorgeous Kano Sisters” can never stay out of the news for long. This time it seems that Harue, the mysterious “second sister” (above left, in a rare photo), has disappeared and taken some of their expensive booty with her, according to women’s weekly magazine “Josei Seven”. The sisters, who are not actually related, were a trio when they first appeared on the scene. But Harue stopped appearing as a talento in the mid 1990’s, before they really broke through. She started helping out behind the scenes as a manager three years ago. She has been out of reach since the beginning of the year and is said to have taken some ¥500 million worth of jewelry belonging to Kano Kyoko (44, photo center), who finally reported the matter to police on February 7.

• Popular fashion model Oshikiri Moe (27) and “ikemen” (handsome) NHK announcer Aoi Minoru (26) are to take on the challenge of studying English on the public network’s late-night “Eigo de Shaberanaito”. The pair will take over from actress Shaku Yumiko (28) and announcer Matsumoto Kazuya (39), who are leaving the show in April. Along with comedian Patrick Harlan, the presenters talk with Japanese stars about their experiences with English and interview visiting foreign celebrities. For Oshikiri it’s a chance to make up for a less-than-great job she did on the show last year as a guest interviewer with stylist Patricia Field. She also had the experience of not being able to communicate in English while in New York two years ago for the fashion magazine CanCam. She has been studyng at a conversation school since but still considers herself a beginner. The six-foot-two Aoi is very popular among young feamle viewers.

• Golden Globe winner Jennifer Hudson (25) is in Japan for the first time to promote the movie “Dreamgirls”. Already the winner of 25 awards for her role as singer Effie White, she is a strong candidate to take the best supporting actress Oscar. Her main rival is thought to be Japanese actress Kikuchi Rinko (25), with whom she shared an earlier newcomer’s award. Hudson recently made history when she was announced as the first African American singer to grace the cover of U.S. fashion magazine Vogue. Dreamgirls opens in Japan on February 17.

• Gravel-voiced J-Wave DJ Chris Peppler (49) and talento Kimishima Yukari (27) have been married for several months, it was revealed yesterday. Appearing on a live NHK show, Peppler admitted to presenter Arudo Yumiko that they tied the knot in October of last year.