Koyuki, Enya Collaboration

Actress Koyuki (27) and Irish singer Enya (43) are to collaborate on the singer’s new video. The full-length video for “Sumiregusa” (Violet Grass) will feature Koyuki in an extended version of what TV viewers have already seen in the currently airing Panasonic commercial for the Viera TV. The decision to do a full-length version came after an overwhelming number of inquiries from viewers, many wanting to know if Enya was really singing in Japanese, which she is. The two-and-a-half minute version will be made by NTV. The TV commercial shows Koyuki as a fairy-like figure on a grassy hilltop, but the new version will be set in a church, reflecting the Christmas timing. Koyuki is best known abroad for her role in the Hollywood hit The Last Samurai.