Imori Enamoured?

Gossip magazine Flash reported yesterday that “baradoru” TV personality Imori Miyuki (photo, 35) has a new love in her life. The couple were photographed leaving Imori’s luxury Tokyo apartment in an expensive foreign car – which she is said to have bought for him. He’s described as a ‘sportsman’ type man thought to be in his 30s. By the way, “baradol” is a combination of “baraeti” (variety) and “aidoru” (idol) and refers to women who are popular regulars on the variety show circuit.

• It was revealed this week that the father of actress Otoha (23) was found dead on a Toyama prefecture mountainside on May 6. Police are investigating the possibilities of an accident or suicide, though no suicide note has been found. Yoshida Yutaka left his Nagano prefecture home on May 4 and was not seen for two days. He had taken voluntary retirement from his job in February. He was 53.