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Reader Articles

These postings related to Asian culture were handed in to us by Phillip Woody, who is a content creator and at the moment interested in a lot more work opportunities! Great thanks for these types of posts, Phillip! You can see his cv near the bottom of this webpage.

Helpful Guidelines on How to Incorporate Japanese Furniture in Any Home by Phillip Woody
Japanese home design is becoming immensely well-known these days. With its clean lines, relaxed atmosphere in addition to a combination of classic and present day styles, itís no wonder that a great number of people are going for this type of furniture for their homes. If you'd like to integrate Japanese design into your home, there are some key elements you should look at intended to give your own home that clear Japanese style.

Japanese cultural pieces are a wonderful means by which to add a touch of the Orient to any room. take for instance, a Japanese gong. It's a versatile piece of furnishing. You may get them in many different sizes, either using them singularly or in combination. You could have floor gongs or hanging gongs according to the given space available in your home. In addition to gongs, you could give consideration to Japanese scrolls with calligraphy or traditional Japanese artwork.

That being said, Japanese furniture can be very distinct. A single piece can already give a lot of flavor to any room. The kaidan tansu, or Japanese step chest, for instance, is a marvellous addition to any room. Its flexibility allows it to be configured depending on your needs. It could be a storage cabinet, or a room divider. It isn't only beautiful, but purposeful as well. You can even have an interesting table that functions as the roomís centerpiece. It can be a chest that also serves as a coffee table, or one that is fashioned after the Japanese hibachi. The latter incorporates the Japanese indoor grill into a beautiful showcase window for your collectibles.

Another simple option would be using woven mats on the floor, an established aspect in Japanese homes. Some also incorporate the utilization of shoji screens as room dividers or as purely decorative pieces.

With these examples, you can easily understand that itís not hard to add Japanese design in any home. All you need is a number of easy pieces along with some creativity.

Curriculum Vitae
Phillip E. Woody
823 Lowes Alley
Columbus, OH

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Princeton University
10 years of article writing experience (directly for Online visitors)
Stunning fluency in English and Spanish
Devoted, group-oriented individual with a knack for specifics

Job Experience
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Crew Manager
Accountable for coordinating a worldwide group of copy writers to fit a challenging set of development targets.
- Set unprecedented records for efficiency, growing productivity by 20% internationally
- Accurately maintained regular records of work distribution
- Cared for quality control for world creation across a considerable group of copy writers

Additional Skills

Fluent in English and Spanish
Superior competence using a wide choice of office software

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